Extraordinary Board Meeting

Dear Biotekens, we just finished the extraordinary board meeting for this round, discussing a few of the struggles that we’re enduring during this pandemic that is affecting us a lot, as well as some general outlines of how we can improve our organisational skills, both what’s needed to do in the future and what’s needed in order to make sure that we can live up to the expectation that we put ourselves in. 
The gist of the meeting is that we’re trying to establish a few more roles to mitigate a relation to our members and make sure our organisation is as inclusive as possible – which is a big struggle since we’ve so far been reliant on having a space open for everyone to join physically.
since the physical space of Bioteket is not open at the moment, we’ll need to shift a strategy towards a more online presence, with media and content that needs to be generated for visitors, as well as some roles for volunteers to join. We’ve outlined a few ideas for these roles in the document beneath.

Since our last update, where we finished the upstairs bar area, we’ve since then resumed construction on the downstairs containers for the mushroom growing and general area-
We’ve insulated all of our containers with polystyrene and glass wool – put wooden panels on all of the walls, and will soon be putting in wires, electricity, lights and ventilation up to finish the tasks.
so far, so good and hopefully will be done soon. next on the construction-list is:
Kitchen Area downstairs, Shelving for Bar Upstairs.

During these times, we’ve seen a massive drop in income, both from the bar and from memberships due to the COVID-19 if you still want to support bioteket by getting a membership for this month(or the next 3), consider contributing 100 kr or 300kr to reg: 9570 konto: 13118922.
This money will go to support all the activities coming post-pandemic.

General Meeting
online meeting / general meeting the 30th of december at 18.00
Jitsi meet for everyone who’s a member, link will be uploaded to our website.

Any questions – or feedback is greatly appreciated! You members are the reason this place exists – if you feel like there are points we haven’t covered or want to discuss for the next meeting, don’t hesitate to come with your input on Matrix or by writing us an email.

All our Love,
Nørrebro’s Åbne Fælleskab for Bæredygtige Experimenter