Sincere thanks to everyone who joined yesterday! It was nice nice to have such an engaging community and lively conversations going. We left the meeting with a mixed feeling of warm hearts and flutters of wings in our stomachs.

We tried touching bases with most things, and a few of the things we were excited to share at the meeting was a proposal to start working on the Bioteket Academy, a Hybrid Learning Platform revolving around different topics, as well as allocating the funds from the last 3 months of memberships. Here is a list of the active and upcoming projects.

The community spoke both openly about what issues and priorities that lay at hand for the foreseeable future, which sees a season going towards colder temperature and a need for winter securing our greenhouse, finishing the insulation on our new container, and securing a series of workshops in November, as well as upcoming events and collaborations with Taste the Waste for reinventing food-waste in community dinners. Exciting!

A few other things are that we now have a music booker for our bi-monthly Friday bar, the beautiful Simon! resident taster of cocktails-saxophone-playing-woodchuck-and-borderline-contagious-mood-spreader of Bioteket!

Finally, we kicked off a biweekly newsletter and a new booking system to facilitate volunteering. If you can’t wait to be up-to-date with events, activities, and more, subscribe to our newsletter!