Creator proposal – form

D O N O T P A N I C .

This form is a guideline to facilitate possible funding applications, and each creator to have equal access to space and resources… and to get excited in making it happen for real!

  • General information

    About the project
  • Min 5 characters
  • m/y - m/y (indicative)
  • Personal information

    About the contact person
  • Name Surname
  • Pitch

    Project description
  • What are the key elements of the project?
  • You can upload pictures/files to help describe the project
  • How did you get the idea? What issues does the project work with? What result should the project have? What effect should the project create?
  • What do you want to create and how? Briefly describe what needs to happen from start to finish?
  • Who is the target audience? What will the target group experience when running the project? - what experiences do they take home? How do you reach the target audience? Number of participants?
  • Organization

    Team and activities
  • Who are you (project group)? How do you work together?
  • How often do you meet?
  • Do you collaborate with any partners/institutions? What for?
  • Do you need volunteers?
  • Budget

    What do you need to spend money on to make your project?
  • Do you need any specific materials/equipment?
  • If yes above, what kind of materials/equipment/resources
  • Events

  • If other above
  • If other above
  • Min 1 per month
  • Max 2 choices
  • Bioteket closes at 22
  • Other

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