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A Friday evening to stop ‘n go jive, to free your mind from the week and listen to live music in good company. We get to know each other on the road...
WHY FREE SOFTWARE? Because at Bioteket, we want to create a public space where we collaborate to create value for our community on our terms. The miss...
Wildcrafted is a group of professional foragers, wildcrafters, and wild food enthusiasts offering foraging and wild food events and workshops.
48TIMER Festival Art
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48TIMER Festival Lineup
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48TIMER Festival Program
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FRIDAY @ BIOTEKET 16.00 – 22.00 Art Exhibition & Light Show SATURDAY @ BIOTEKET 14.00 – 17.00 Workshops– Mushrooms w/ Shan– Seed bombs w/ Irene– Spraypaint The Couch w/ Tryk På Knappen 17.00 – 19.00 Cook-Off & Community Dinner SUNDAY @ GRO-SELV HAVEN 15.30Foraging Trip w/ Johannes (meeting at Bioteket) 17.00Vegan BBQ Garden Showcase //INFO– … Read more48TIMER Festival Program

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XR Scientists is holding the second workshop in its series: “The University at a time of climate and ecological emergency“. To attend on Thu, Apr 22, 12.00 to 13.30 h follow this Eventbrite link https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/pushing-for-a-sustainable-department-step-by-step-tickets-145446463287 (register through the website) At the workshop they will talk about “the A-B-C of creating local change” and investigate the … Read moreJoin XR scientists in pushing for a Sustainable Department: step-by-step !

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(I resumed this post draft from 15/01 and updated it. It is still rolling!) Facebook has an awful lot of power by virtue of the fact that you have a single company making decisions for about 2 billion people all around the world Ethan Zuckerman, director of the Center for Civic Media at the MIT … Read more[data to people] Why we don’t use Facebook but..

Board Meeting
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Yesterday, sunday the 10th of january, we held the first board meeting for the year. There was 4 points of topics on the agenda – one being the departure of one of our board members and the discussion of who could take her place. Another the economy which sadly due to the lockdown hasn’t been … Read moreBoard Meeting

Extraordinary Board Meeting
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OrganisationDear Biotekens, we just finished the extraordinary board meeting for this round, discussing a few of the struggles that we’re enduring during this pandemic that is affecting us a lot, as well as some general outlines of how we can improve our organisational skills, both what’s needed to do in the future and what’s needed … Read moreExtraordinary Board Meeting

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Sincere thanks to everyone who joined yesterday! It was nice nice to have such an engaging community and lively conversations going. We left the meeting with a mixed feeling of warm hearts and flutters of wings in our stomachs. We tried touching bases with most things, and a few of the things we were excited … Read more[follow up] OPEN GENERAL ASSEMBLY

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Friday bar – Live music & electronic JAM !
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This Friday bar is live music & electronic jam! We start at 6pm with an acoustic concert by two musicians from Tampopo, a danish band who will warm up the night through the notes of Kasper, at the guitar, and Morten at the bass. We continue until 10 pm with an electronic jam session open … Read moreFriday bar – Live music & electronic JAM !