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WHY FREE SOFTWARE? Because at Bioteket, we want to create a public space where we collaborate to create value for our community on our terms. The miss...
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We now have our own mailserver, giving us as many accounts as we want at no extra cost! Remember that email is unencrypted, and that if you need more than a promise that I (or a really good hacker) won’t read your mail, then you should use an end-to-end encrypted channel, like our matrix server […]

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Hi everyone, I recently updated the web client for the matrix server used for Bio’s internal communications. If you were previously using riot.frikbh.net, then you should now use element.frikbh.net instead. The reason for this change is that the company behind the riot app, Vector, lost a trademarking case. Marketing bullshit aside, it’s actually pretty important […]

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