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The current impromptu leader of the Bioteket space on Nørrebro. Changing the world one spore at a time.
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Mycoteket is a mushroom growing hub, made up of people interested in the art of mushroom growing. Currently it exists as a laboratory which concentrat...
Wildcrafted is a group of professional foragers, wildcrafters, and wild food enthusiasts offering foraging and wild food events and workshops.
Aquaponics is the merger of two worlds. One being aquaculture, the growing of marine animals; and the other being Hydroponics, growing plants in water...
48TIMER Festival – We’re back!
3 months ago no Comment

Every year we partake as creators of a festival that holds dear to our hearts / 48 timer, a staple highlight of participation and co-creation. Bioteket has seen many changes, and this year with the all encompassing fogginess of mixed, rainy weather, pinched with sparing sunlight, and with ever continuous pandemic blues, we seem to … Read more48TIMER Festival – We’re back!

a lions mane for flavor
11 months ago no Comment

We once again open our door, this time hosting a workshop on the art of mushroom growing. In collaboration with 48timer festival, lokaludvalget nørrebro and Osramhuset. This time, we will be focusing on the different aspects of growing oyster mushrooms on a substrate consisting of hardwood. we’ll be introducing two different ways of pasteurizing, one … Read moreMushroom Growing 101 //48timer festival

The Bioteket Café is Open!
1 year ago no Comment

Curious about the Space?Wanna see what kind of projects that are run?then look no more! We’ve put in some work and some volunteering to make sure that we’ll keep the space open to visitors, curious people and members alike. Perfect for a cup of coffee, reading a book and the likes. Every Tuesday and Wednesday … Read moreThe Bioteket Café is Open!

1 year ago no Comment

Thanks for everyone who joined in on the event – even on such a rainful day as today, a lot joined with both engaging and with a lot of excitement! The multi-talented Paulina, with both energy and with a impressive knowledge of the worlds of wild yeast expanded our knowledge on how to employ a … Read moreA big thanks for everyone who joined the event today!

1 year ago no Comment

[dansk] Biotekets sanke-netværk, “Wildcrafted” inviterer dig med til årets første Bioteket workshop. Denne gang fermenterer vi vilde blomster og lærer om spiselige urter og planter der kan bruges til at lave naturlige gærede og lækre sodavand. Vi starter aftenen ud med at mødes i Bioteket, hvor vi herefter vil tage en gå-tur rundt på nørrebro … Read more[workshop] Wildcrafted – Vild Gæret Sodavand af Blomster – Wild Fermented Sparkles of Urban Flowers