Bioteket x Alpha Bite

Bioteket x Alpha Bite

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“The new regulations, as posted here: details a few new restrictions in regards to how we conduct ourselves and our space”.

Firstly we’ll have to tone down the nature of events insofar as how many people we can be in our small oasis, from around 22 people before, down to 10 people! – which understandably is going to throw a few wrenches in our activities, namely our Friday bar, and Taste The Waste events, naming a few. But that won’t stop us from figuring out solutions – so we are excited to proudly announce that

we will host a livestreaming session with yours truly Alpha Bite – for a sit-at-home 3-hour concert from 19-22.00, featuring a unique and original analog synth set up that will ensure to blow your mind!

We’ve worked hard on figuring out a streaming solution that respects people’s data, using open-source platforms that don’t share any of your data with 3rd parties, 2nd parties, or the likes! (your neighbor might find out if you put the music too loud) working closely with our DATA-conscious warriors, Josh and Alice, in figuring out these solutions (we still take no responsibility for the sound your neighbor might endure). You can read more here!

Joining the livestream takes only 3 steps (from a computer):

1) click WATCH VIDEO (or , or click the first button on the front page)

2) click on XSPF

3) open with VLC (or whatever media player you want)

(or directly into VLC or whatever media player you want)

Ps chat with us on Matrix (instructions in the footer). Join the (Bioteket x Alpha Bite) public room and send us your live videos/pics/comments from the other side of the camera!

(No registration needed for the event, just join in!)

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30-10-2020 - 07:00 PM to
30-10-2020 - 10:00 PM

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