48TIMER – Mushroom Workshop (LIPAS TEK)


48TIMER – Mushroom Workshop (LIPAS TEK)

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On This Saturday – we’ll be trying out another Low Tek way of producing Lion’s Mane (hericium Erinaceus)
with a substrate based on pressed hardwood pellets.

This method is easy to do at home and doesn’t require any additional equipment than household equipment and can be done easily at home.



  1. Thread
  2. zip tie
  3. measuring cup
  4. pot
  5. wood pellets (1.7 l)
  6. grainspawn* (0.5l)
  7. Filter grow bag
  8. scizzor
  9. Boiling Water (1.5l)

    *when grainspawn is fully myceliated (glass is fully white)

Measure out wood pellets and add it to your grow bag, add the 1.5 l of boiling water to your growbag, and tie a neat knot around the top of the bag. and let it sit and arbsorb.
After a little while 20-40 minutes, gently massage the woodpellets to distrubute the water equally and getting a uniform and homogonous mixture.
Sit to let cool enough (approximately 1 hour) ** (just about 37 celcius or below)

with clean hands and with a bit of force shake up your mycelium jars so your grain spawn is loose and doesn’t clump together.
Open the knot in the top of the bag and with steady hands pour all the grainspawn in the bag, and massage the bag gently till the substrate and grainspawn is mixed up.
twist the top of the bag and close it tightly with a ziptie. Keep your new mushroom bag in a dark and warm place until fully myceliated (fully white)


Fruting your mushroom bag
Cardboard box
Sharp knife

place the bag in the cardboard box standing up in such a way, that the top of the cardboard box(the opening) points towards you.
With a clean / sterile knife – make an incision in the bag cutting approximately a 5cm slit in the bag in a diagonal motion.
spray the opening of the bag daily until mushrooms start popping out.




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15-05-2021 - 03:00 PM to
15-05-2021 - 05:30 PM



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