What’s brewing?

The talented Paulina is keeping the space open for café days Tuesdays – Constantly working on new ideas, and experiences involved in brewing, fermenting and working the magic of our bubbly friends.

Yeasts are the tools of the trade – and around us, we’re surrounded by these little chemical factories keeping the microflora and surface of the plants healthy, just like our skin but without the added grime of sweat and other nasties.

The magic happens when you create the template of temperature, pH, and sugars and water together with these flourishing little creatures proliferate, grow and thrive, either making alcohol in anarobic conditions or vinegar in open air.

Brewing, whether it can be wine, beer, or other ferments, is a practice dating back thousands of years, where people often than not attributed the effects as something divine. W(h)i(tc)h might explain the use of the name spirits for strong alcohols.

In lieu of its historical conceptions attributing mystical phenomena to the practice of brewing – for the most times in our history has been done without laboratories, breweries or big facilities. In fact most of it can be done in your kitchen. Making ferments, can be done with just a pot of water and some knowledge about how things should look, smell and taste like. This is where our resident witch comes in sharing her bountiful plethora of magical experiences with the unsanctioned plebians.

We therefore invite you all to join us on our Witchy-themed Tuesdays where our café is open, to try different beautifully looking and delicious tasting brews.

a few experimental concoctions, served cold in Bioteket.