Digital citizenship on the go!

The time has come, and here we are again! Back to work, school or whatever is left of the summer and the new beginnings of us many.

We live in a time where working digitally, whether at work, school or home encompasses almost everything we do in our daily lives and as citizens in a society full of data and online services.
But what does it really mean to “live” in this society where interactions, whether social media, media consumption, or our banking is all done online? what’s private anymore, and how does our freedom to think and express ourselves and the platforms in which we choose to share them become an obstacle to the freedoms of tomorrow?

Knowing the different tools and options that we have as digital citizens is paramount to navigate a time where our attention and consciousness between real life and the data streams of our smartphones become more blurred and increasingly competed for by different platforms.

Come tommorow the 2nd of september, where you can meet the brain behind Free(dom) of software, Josh; whos unbridled expertise in tech and privacy will lead us through the what’s, why’s, and who’s of fundamental data citizenship and how to take it back!

Remember kids – if you’re not paying for a product, then you are the product!

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