We now have our own mailserver, giving us as many accounts as we want at no extra cost!

Remember that email is unencrypted, and that if you need more than a promise that I (or a really good hacker) won’t read your mail, then you should use an end-to-end encrypted channel, like our matrix server (look at the footer).
After we set up an account for you, you can log in through your web browser at mail.bioteket.dk or mail.nafbe.dk after clicking on “Webmail”, making sure to write your full you@nafbe.dk as the username. You can also use mail clients such as Thunderbird by setting up IMAP on port 993 with SSL/TLS and SMTP on port 587 with STARTTLS at the hostname mail.nafbe.dk (or mail.bioteket.dk) and authenticate with your normal password. You should also change your password as soon as you get your account! Use a good one 🙂

Any curiosities or further questions? Let me know at @rmblror:frikbh.net or by email at josh@nafbe.dk !