48TIMER Festival – We’re back!

Every year we partake as creators of a festival that holds dear to our hearts / 48 timer, a staple highlight of participation and co-creation.

Bioteket has seen many changes, and this year with the all encompassing fogginess of mixed, rainy weather, pinched with sparing sunlight, and with ever continuous pandemic blues, we seem to skim the “light-at-the-end-of-tunnel”, and with that a hope of a post-pandemic future.

Being a tradition that we often showcase our lovely little oasis to the public, we’ve chosen again to showcase a bit of what we’re doing. engaging as sparingly as the COVID-19 allows, we still hope to connect with you all, albeit less on the physical side (that’ll have to wait a bit) and hope that you will all be part of our new reopening!

We’ve worked hard on curating a program this year, that allows for an engaging program, less focused on workshops that usually require indoor facilities and more on what we can create together in the urban landscape in terms of workshops, food, music and lots of fun outside.

This year, we’ll greet you all with an array of talented artists, such as Mads Emil Wilken, a hitherto new addition to Nørrebro – showcasing his maddening and often chaotic “natural” landscape paintings, that irks the minds and the bends the curiosities to the extreme, as well as local BMX afficianando Benedek “Bene” Kovacs, who investigates the Streets of Nørrebro, in search of thrills, portraits and scenes that are beautifully put together with threads made of concrete, streetlights and bike tyres. Irene Saez, sÓcOnOsÓc, a resident Bioteken, will bring an array of beautifully crafted collages, sprinkled with creative inputs from the imagination of punk-pulp magazine cuttings, crafts and artful renders of poetic leftovers. And lastly Lasse Brix – whom with penstrokes of painstakingly made and considerate lines – explores counciousness and the contrainsts of the dualistic and contrastful inner emotional turmoils depicted in arrays of explosive psychedelia.

For the musical side – we’ve also filled the days here at bioteket full to the brim with local and exciting artists with an all ecompassing programme to cater to any tastes. Be it the multitalented ALPHA BITE, crossing borders between the digtital and the analogue with both creativity and his machinations, who will be joining us for an amazing evening, where (in safe distance to eachother) we’ll be swinging our hips to and fro whilst the decks and records will be spinning.
another addition will be the beautiful AMALI our very local and playful musician that with her guitar explores the sonic playgrounds of copenhagen. tokommanul “2.0” explores the relaxed trap, playful reggaedub, hardhitting rap and soul wrenching singing in layers of loops, bass and sprinkled with effects. A must-hear addition to everyone interested in the experimental musical voyages. EMIL GONZO, will take you to the uncontested and increasingly new fields of Scandinavian Disco. Expect the unexpected! The multitalented ANDERS DAHL, known from both et_andet_sted, KUNE, JOLENE, and many other both underground and aboveground venues will be spinning his records with a quirkyness that is guarenteed to leave you with a want for sweaty hard floors, and booming bass. UHURUEXPRESS a crew comprising of KIP ANALOG, with a pendant for uplifting beats, hard wax, and rythmatic danceable tunes will drag your corona-tired corpuses to blissful and enjoyable times.
ASH PEDERICK – a call back for many and a rising star in many respects, an copenhagen-based aussie – with a delightful collection of afro beats will be sure to bring his best collection, leaving both rythms and smiles in his wake.
To wrap up, we have BAHIMA an Adventerous group of eclectic musicians spanning the scenes of Denmark, playing music music out of this worlds, using both tablas, Cello, bass, guitar and piano, creating never-heard-before textures from Noisy Beehive Records.
Emanuele “MANNA” Celani a vibrant character from the depths of copenhagen will accompany a field day unlike no other has done before.
We’ll be looking forward to caressing the inner ear channels, of both guests, neighbours, and volunteers alike – and look forward to meeting you all once again!

Once again, thanks for everyone helping to set this festival up, and especially Jack MacNeill for the amazing poster design!

Love and Light,
Bioteket, Nåfbe, and Friends.

48TIMER Festival Program


16.00 – 22.00
Art Exhibition & Light Show


14.00 – 17.00
– Mushrooms w/ Shan
– Seed bombs w/ Irene
– Spraypaint The Couch w/ Tryk På Knappen

17.00 – 19.00
Cook-Off & Community Dinner


Foraging Trip w/ Johannes (meeting at Bioteket)

Vegan BBQ
Garden Showcase

– indoor: a valid corona pass (max 72h) is required to access the exhibition, the indoor bar and the stage area (max 22 people at a time)
– outside: ask directly the stands to sign-up in-loco for the workshops and the cooking competition. There will be another bar station outside


48TIMER Festival Lineup


16.00 – 18.00 ALPHA BITE

18.00 – 19.00 AMALI

19.00 – 20.00 Kasper Hedegren

20.00 – 21.00 Emil Gonzo

21.00 – 22.00 Anders Dahl


14.00 – 16.00 KIP ANALOG

16.00 – 18.00 DingoTracks

18.00 – 20.00 TOKOMMANUL “2.0”

20.00 – 22.00 BAHIMA


17.00 MANNA

48TIMER Festival Art Exhibitions

Mads Emil Wilken


Lasse Brix


Lightwriters DK