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Sincere thanks to everyone who joined yesterday! It was nice nice to have such an engaging community and lively conversations going. We left the meeting with a mixed feeling of warm hearts and flutters of wings in our stomachs. We tried touching bases with most things, and a few of the things we were excited … Read more[follow up] OPEN GENERAL ASSEMBLY

Matrix web client updates – Bioteket internal messaging

Hi everyone, I recently updated the web client for the matrix server used for Bio’s internal communications. If you were previously using, then you should now use instead. The reason for this change is that the company behind the riot app, Vector, lost a trademarking case. Marketing bullshit aside, it’s actually pretty important … Read moreMatrix web client updates – Bioteket internal messaging

Mushroom Growing 101 //48timer festival

a lions mane for flavor

We once again open our door, this time hosting a workshop on the art of mushroom growing. In collaboration with 48timer festival, lokaludvalget nørrebro and Osramhuset. This time, we will be focusing on the different aspects of growing oyster mushrooms on a substrate consisting of hardwood. we’ll be introducing two different ways of pasteurizing, one … Read moreMushroom Growing 101 //48timer festival

Digital citizenship on the go!

The time has come, and here we are again! Back to work, school or whatever is left of the summer and the new beginnings of us many. We live in a time where working digitally, whether at work, school or home encompasses almost everything we do in our daily lives and as citizens in a … Read moreDigital citizenship on the go!

What’s brewing?

A Little Picture from the tuesday Bar

The talented Paulina is keeping the space open for café days Tuesdays – Constantly working on new ideas, and experiences involved in brewing, fermenting and working the magic of our bubbly friends. Yeasts are the tools of the trade – and around us, we’re surrounded by these little chemical factories keeping the microflora and surface … Read moreWhat’s brewing?