A big thanks for everyone who joined the event today!

A few selected flowers and herbs from the event.
Photos taken by Alice Giulia

Thanks for everyone who joined in on the event – even on such a rainful day as today, a lot joined with both engaging and with a lot of excitement!

The multi-talented Paulina, with both energy and with a impressive knowledge of the worlds of wild yeast expanded our knowledge on how to employ a little bit of witchcraft to often found foragable plants, flowers and readily found fruits to make beautiful fermented and fizzly drinks.

Due to the nature of the Danish summer, the weather gods weren’t really with us (thank you Odin or whoever was responsible) so we had to preharvest all the flowers before the event.

The Jars came out beautifully – and thanks to lovely people at Nørrebro’s Lokaludvalg, we had the amazing opportunity to provide everyone with a free event.

Stay tuned for more events.

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