Join XR scientists in pushing for a Sustainable Department: step-by-step !

XR Scientists is holding the second workshop in its series: “The University at a time of climate and ecological emergency“. To attend on Thu, Apr 22, 12.00 to 13.30 h follow this Eventbrite link (register through the website)

At the workshop they will talk about “the A-B-C of creating local change” and investigate the following questions:

How can we make it easier for academics in our own departments to help address the climate and ecological emergency? How can we facilitate and encourage people to organize for change locally? How can we best coordinate activities amongst scientists?


IT University of Copenhagen launches a 3-year research project “Democratic Innovations in a Green Transition” (here the vacant position as research assistant, deadline May 30) to examine the impact of Denmark’s climate citizens’ assembly (Klimaborgertinget, organized by the Board of Technology for the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities) on the Danish political system.

Funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and in collaboration with Department of Political Science and the Faculty of Law, Copenhagen University, and the Danish Board of Technology, the project includes an investigation into the relations between the national climate assembly and green civil society initiatives, such as Extinction Rebellion and Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse.

Denmark is moving fast to include democratic decision making and grassroots movements in the green transition national plan and to foster open collaboration across different fields… and much more is on the way… stay tuned!