//open call: new name and logo!

This is an open call for everyone, sprouting souls across multi-universes, for giving a fresh new name and logo to the greenhouse in Copenhagen that hosts our community.

We’ve been sailing rough seas for the past couple of years, going through many unforeseen changes caused by the social, political and environmental worldwide mess as well as personal challenges. We stood up every time motivated by a common passion: making and curating an urban playground for nature-based science, food, art, music… everyday living for all living beings. A home that welcomes everyone, where together we can shape the present by putting in practice what natural ecosystem teaches us loudly and constantly, where we can be excited about the future.
From wondering about mycelium running a superhighway of vital information that connects worlds or “climate food” algae being the main oxygen’s source, to upcycling food-waste into fermented delicatessen or rich compost for the garden, to growing mushrooms and brewing with them, to foraging for wild tasty food in the Danish nature, to exploring vertical farming on hydroponics towers, to hosting art exhibitions, to… we gather, cook food, make workshops, play games, collaborate with local communities, universities and municipality, learn from each other, teach to each other, trust and inspire each other, make festivals, have fun!
Now we ask you what could be the name and the logo for the physical place (a beautiful greenhouse in the heart of Norrebro, Copenhagen) making all of these possible? We want to give everybody the opportunity to have an influence on the name and symbol that may resonate through the interwoven strands of green activism.

Send an email to hello@nafbe.dk with subject “//open call” and write us your name, the name you come up with and whatever else you feel like sharing that inspired you. Feel free to submit only the name or also a logo!

Deadline is 1/08 , after that there will be one week for anonymous feedback and voting, when we will send out a form to your email so you can vote.
The winner will be announced the week after and will be given a yearly membership.
…. What do you call a mushroom that makes music??..
.. A decomposer!
Love and light, NÅFBE ❤️