Social Beingz

One-part U.S; one-part U.K One-part U.S. one-part U.K. Social Beingz are a brand new cocktail of urban-pop music. Social Beingz aspire to inspire. It is their hope, no matter the background, race, religion or if life has been good to you or not, that all people would know that their mess can become their message, pain can become purpose, and scars can become stories of hope. Social Beingz have those stories themselves and put it all in their music. Ryan, born in Florida, raised in Connecticut, USA, moved to Manchester, UK, in 2007, there he met Mancunian native Josh. Between Josh’s infectious pop melodies and Ryan’s uplifting rap lyrics a musical taste sensation was born. Influenced by artists like Craig David, Macklemore, Drake, Jon Bellion, Twenty-one Pilots, and not afraid to admit their love for N-Sync, One Direction and Justin Bieber. Ryan & Josh write every lyric and melody, putting 100% of their passion into their craft. With their first release “All Cried Out” featuring London singer Tessa E, they left listeners buzzing and wanting more.